What is Remapping?

In the world of automotive technology, ECU tuning is a term that is used frequently. Nevertheless, not everyone knows what it stands for and how it works. In short, an ECU (Engine Control Unit) controls all the major functions of the engine. ECU tuning, on the other hand, describes the process of modifying an engine’s ECU to enhance its performance, fuel efficiency, and drivability.ECU tuning has become quite popular among car enthusiasts in recent times. It involves reprogramming the ECU with custom software that enhances the engine’s performance. The software adjusts crucial factors like fuel-air mixture, ignition timing, and boost pressure to ensure that the engine produces more power and runs more efficiently. As a result, the engine performs better and runs smoother, which translates into a significant increase in horsepower and torque. One of the most significant benefits of ECU tuning is improved fuel economy. The ECU controls the fuel-air ratio, which is the amount of fuel injected into the engine based on the airflow. By optimizing the fuel-air ratio, ECU tuning can improve fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pump.ECU tuning is also popular in motorsports, where every bit of power counts. In racing, ECU tuning can be the difference between gaining crucial seconds on the track or lagging behind. For racing purposes, software developers create highly specialized programs designed to extract maximum performance from the engine. However, ECU tuning is not without its risks. If the tuning is not done correctly, it may damage the engine. An incorrect fuel-air ratio can cause engine knocking or pre-ignition, leading to engine damage. Therefore, it’s essential to seek out reputable experts who can provide safe and reliable ECU tuning services. In conclusion, ECU tuning is a highly effective way to improve the performance of your vehicle. With customized software programming, the ECU can be modified to increase power output, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance drivability. Nevertheless, it’s essential to find a professional and experienced mechanic for your ECU tuning needs to ensure that you get optimal results without compromising the engine’s health.

  SMART ForTwo 450(1998-2007) 

599CC STAGE ONE REMAP £125 inc vat
698CC STAGE ONE REMAP £125 inc vat
698CC BRABUS REMAP £175.00 inc vat

 SMART ROADSTER 452 (2003-2006)

          698CC ROADSTER REMAP £125.00 (was £150)  inc vat

698CC BRABUS ROADSTER £175.00 inc vat

  SMART 451 (2007 On)

84BHP SMART 451 REMAP £ 175.00 inc vat
71BHP SMART 451 REMAP £ 175.00 inc vat

      45BHP CDI SMART 451 REMAP 175.00 inc vat

     54BHP CDI SMART 451 REMAP 175.00 inc vat

Brabus Smart 451 Remap £ 195.00 inc vat


SMART 453 Remapping  (2015 On)

71HP   79bhp

 90hp   118 bhp

!!!! Now £299 Inc Vat !!!!